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Exxon ( Saya sarankan untuk mengikuti program ini karena dapat mendekatkan sesama rekan kerja di dalam tim dan menyesuaikan pendekatan kita terhadap orang tersebut berdasarkan kepribadian masing-masing. Program ini dapat meningkatkan perilaku baik yang secara sadar maupun tidak sadar dapat kita tingkatkan dengan terus berlatih )

Malaysia – 2019 ( I had an enjoyable and fruitful experience participating in the program. I learnt more about my colleagues and most importantly about myself too. Thanks for the valuable experience and I probably never going to get this kind of training elsewhere. )

Malaysia – 2019 ( It was a great learning experience during the 12 weeks Employee Activation Programs. I enjoyed the interaction among our team-mate. Working in groups & having opportunities to work with colleagues from other department. We learn & grow together. What I like the most of this program was how the trainer interact with the participants. "Interesting & informative" )

Malaysia – 2019 ( The program opened my eyes on how it can improve us as a team & encourage us to be more forward thinking. Being able to get reviewed by our own teammates is also opening a new chapter to understanding ourselves better. )

Malaysia – 2019 ( Within a short period of time, able to see so much changes within everyone and there are more communications and teamwork among each other. Which is wonderful. )

PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk ( This program is very simple but impactful to the organization )

PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk ( I'm very happy with this program, because I can assess myself and improve to be more engaged with client )

Traveloka – 2019 ( Super related to work and super useful tools )

Traveloka – 2019 ( Complete and practical information which helped me understand the Organization Design concept as well as implementing it in real life )



We work for a wide variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.



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Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Chief Executive Officer

Lucia Lusida

Lucia is an Executive, Employee Engagement, Transformation Coach, and Organization Effectiveness Program Trainer with clients varies from Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction Industry throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. She has an expertise in unleashing leader’s potentials and helping leaders to become more influential leaders with caring factors.

Consultant - Marketing, Branding Strategist

Yusuf Utama

A professional with 23+ years of Brand, Consumer, Trade Marketing, and Territory in the biggest MNC in its category; enriched by various pieces of training that have created a strong and solid foundation of marketing know-how. Yusuf Utama has Initiated, Developed, and implemented various marketing strategies regionally and nationwide. Actively involved in key business process development and enhancement projects. A journey that has built his strong Leadership, solid analytical skill, and strategic thinking through researches, as well as opportunities in identifying, People Engagement, Development, and Negotiation skills.
Completed with experience in digital startups for Small Medium Enterprise continued with further digital experience in multinational e-commerce end-to-end enabler.

Consultant - Marketing, Branding Strategist. Start Up Commercial Advisor

Andrini Novie

I am helping brand and business to transform and grow through its core strength by creating story and have a clear POV.

Started by joined a multinational advertising agency, she ended up spent 16 years in marketing, branding, advertising and media, allowing her to get a good grip, insights and vast perspectives from different vertical industries, companies, brands and media. Her particular interest in digital, brought her to join Indosat in 2011as Group Head of Marketing Communication and in 2013 took role as Group Head of Branding, leading the biggest re-branding in telco industry by launching Indosat Ooredoo end of 2015.

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